Gerardo Martin

Gerardo Martin

LPL Financial Advisor

Gerardo Martin, a Napa County native, is a highly accomplished wealth manager at
Rootstock Wealth Management, located in the city of Napa. With an impressive 17 years
of experience in the financial industry, Gerardo has garnered a reputation for his
exceptional expertise in assisting clients in achieving their financial goals and fostering
their long-term success.

Gerardo's commitment to his community extends beyond his professional duties. He
actively engages in volunteer work, devoting his time and expertise to various
organizations. Gerardo is a co-founder of the very successful Latino Leaders Luncheons,
where he created a space where the community could network with local Latino Leaders
while guest speakers shared updates and provided resources to participants. He is a
member of the Napa Sunrise Rotary Club and an Associate Board Member for Redwood
Credit Union.

Gerardo served as the president of the Napa Valley College Foundation, contributing to the
educational advancement and success of students in the region. Furthermore, Gerardo
was at the helm of the Napa County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, promoting the
growth and prosperity of local businesses for thirteen years. He was also active with the
California Hispanic Chamber, sitting on the board for the Northern Region Division.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Gerardo possesses a diverse range of interests and
hobbies. He is an avid golfer, and when not on the golf course, Gerardo can often be found
cruising the open road on his Harley. Additionally, he has a deep appreciation for classic
cars and enjoys the art of restoring them to their former glory.

Gerardo is a proud father to three children, all of whom still live in Napa County. He also enjoys
working on his property and spending time with his pup, Blue, an Australian Cattle Dog
mix who recently joined the family.