What You Can Expect

The legacy you want to leave is what is most important to us. We work closely with you to create customized financial strategies that help you work toward meeting your unique needs, wishes and values. We believe that taking time to truly understand your circumstances and partnering with you along the journey is instrumental to your success.

The process of creating great wine takes time and attentiveness. Planting, harvesting, aging, and bottling a superior vintage must be done with expertise and care. We believe the same should be said when it comes to your Financial Plan.

 Step 1: Financial Planning Conversation

  • Get to know your goals and values
  • Defining expectations of the client-advisor relationship
  • Introduction to our process
  • Define next steps

Step 2: Data Gathering

  • Collecting documents (physical files or via secure electronic transfer)
  • Verification from our team
  • Input data into our financial planning software proving the foundation for Step 3

Step 3: Strategy Meeting

  • Overview of your current state
  • Verification of goals, priorities, and timeframe
  • Presenting customized strategies
  • Defining action steps to implement your Financial Plan

Step 4: Implementation

  • Take action on recommendations
  • Our team steps in to assist with asset transfer and document signings (where necessary)
  • Technology Integration – we help connect you to your personal WealthVision and Account View pages and any other logins necessary for you to monitor progress
  • Set review appointments

Step 5: Review and Monitor

  • Regular review meetings to monitor progress
  • Update goals and adjust strategies where necessary 
  • This step is crucial to the success of your Financial Plan