The Rootstock Story

As a child, my father, Salvador Martin, taught me the importance of hard work and a strong foundation. He began working in the vineyards in the 1960s and continued that work with Emmolo Nursery for over 30 years. My brothers and I were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work alongside our father at the nursery while we were growing up. My Dad always said, “Every step we take in the process of making the best rootstock ensures that the vines will have a strong foundation and thrive for many years.” 

At Rootstock Wealth Management, we believe the same is true for your financial plan. The more care taken in the beginning and throughout the process, the better the chance of success. This business is built on the same rootstock focus, helping to ensure the vines of your financial foundation are strong and can help you work toward building a plan that will provide a fruitful harvest.